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Ice Age Village – Chipmunk

In Ice Age Village, You can buy the Chipmunk Premium Animal for 400 Acorns. The Chipmunk take 1 Hour wait time for it to Hatch. Cost To Buy: 400 Acorns Chipmunk Gold Earning is about 3000 Gold ice age village animalsice age village animals listice age village animal listice age village how to feed the [...]

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Ice Age Village: Brown Mammoth

In Ice Age Village You can buy the Brown Mammoth for 80 Acorns! Cost to buy Brown Mammoth: 80 Hatching Time for Brown Mammoth: 24 Hours Brown Mammoth will Baby Runs Away: 48 Hours Brown Mammoth Earning: around 6000 – 7000 gold how do you feed the mammoths in ice age villageice age village feed [...]

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